Your place in the universe

Ah, the African dung beetle, so lowly and yet so well regarded. Even though they’re situated very near the bottom rung of the food chain, scientists are quite fascinated by African dung beetle behaviour and new findings are frequently announced. Most recently, it was determined that African dung beetles are only able to find their place in the universe when the Milky Way or clusters of bright stars are visible.

The means the African dung beetle has quite a bit in common with explorers like Magellan, Vespucci and you. Maybe you don’t turn your face skyward every night and determine where you literally or figuratively stand based on the location of the Big Dipper, but you probably could. With thanks to whatever grade school teacher who taught you basic astronomy, you probably know how to find true north (or a close approximation) and where home is relative to it.

Have you ever considered that all it really takes to determine your place in the vast universe we inhabit, is to look around a clear night sky? Even the briefest period of stargazing encourages most people to think beyond them selves and toward the infinite.

Sparkhead Kids’ Campfire Tales collection now includes our new Magnificent Stars comforter, curtains and two sizes of cushions. The deep blue night sky is populated with the bright stars of the constellations of Leo, Big Bear and Little Bear so your little one will always know where home is when he or she returns from exploring dreamland. All products are comfy, lightweight and perfectly printed.

The Magnificent Stars design is not age specific, so older explorers can be guided in their dreams, too.

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