What’s happening in there?

Has it ever suddenly become quiet in your home and you instantly panic? Mom or dad senses go on alert and you wonder where your little one is. As your search begins you hear a tiny voice coming from your child’s bedroom and you realize he or she is just enjoying some alone time.

Kids, just like adults, need time away from it all – it’s hard work learning a new language, appropriate behaviors and socialization, not to mention all the energy required to run, jump and play. Kids, just like adults, also enjoy a good night’s sleep and an occasional nap (or two). No wonder your little one finds a haven in her or his own bedroom – it’s a place of comfort.

When left to their own devices, kids will determine the perfect amount of alone time for themselves. It’s during that time that imagination and creativity are sparked. Kids also learn self-sufficiency and problem solving as they create scenarios with their favorite toys and sometimes even mediate conflicts between two characters. Playing alone also builds a child’s comfort with him- or herself, which can lead to stronger self-esteem.

We’re all artists at Sparkview Kids and we are never lonely when we’re alone because we’re often creating loveable children’s characters that are full of personality. We love sharing those characters – like Fiona and the Forest Friends – with your kids and you. We paid special attention to every detail – friendly facial features, vibrant colours, nature-inspired whimsy – to help inspire children as they enjoy their very important alone time in their rooms. Because we know how happy our own creativity and imagination makes us!

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