Tricks and treats from our friend Trickster Coyote

Poor Wile E. Coyote, Looney Tunes’ hapless pursuer of Roadrunner. He never achieved his goal and he never grasped the futility of his efforts. In our more activist-centric present, coyotes around the world might unite to protest Wile E.’s portrayal of their breed. Because, as most native cultures show, it’s coyote that’s the trickster. Or, in Norse legend, it’s Loki the wolf. And according to U.S. essayist Henry Ward Beecher, “The dog is the god of frolic.”

Many Plains Indian tribes have legends that feature coyotes as spirit guides, often teaching lessons through pranks that end with their humans laughing at themselves. Some legends just end with coyote laughing, though. As far as coyote’s concerned, it’s all good as long as he’s the one enjoying himself.

Sometimes coyote is featured in darker stories, revealing the uncomfortable truth about a situation. But coyote’s intentions are almost always good even if his methods can occasionally be unsettling.

Sparkhead Kids’ Trickster Coyote super soft cushion is true to his legacy. He is frequently up to mischief and often outsmarts his fellow animals. His big smile is happy, though, and he’s quite the joker. Our Trickster Coyote, like his dog cousins, is all about fun and games, which means he’s just as loveable as our other Forest Friends. So your little one can snuggle up with a cushion that features Trickster Coyote or add his print to a wall to ensure frequent chuckles during play.

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