Thoughtful Turtle (and thoughts about our creative process)

Not since the Renaissance has creativity been such a hot commodity. The likes of Da Vinci, Copernicus and Shakespeare were innovators in the worlds of the arts, literature, philosophy and science and were publicly praised and rewarded for their creativity. The rich environment supported the risk-takers and dreamers and the world continues to benefit from that era.

Sparkhead Kids is our own little salon d’arts where we are immersed in inspiration and we develop our ideas. Everyone should be so lucky to work in a community  of such talented designers, illustrators and artists!

Thoughtful Turtle is our latest design for the Forest Friends collection. We’re inspired by international animal fables and the turtle shows up in so many of them where it is often associated with… creation! In the oldest legends of ancient Greece, the whole world rests on the back of a turtle. For many North American indigenous peoples, the turtle also represents longevity. In modern folk tales, the turtle is often depicted as being very wise (the wisdom of slow but sure wins the race helped the tortoise beat the hare, after all!).

The best way for us to process ideas out of our imaginations is to first manually sketch our designs on paper. It allows us to fine-tune details so the design is exactly how we want it to look. Then the image is scanned and opened up in Photoshop. This digital process allows us to create clean outlines and perfect the colors so that what we originally saw in our mind’s eye is what you’ll see.

When we’re happy with the result – when a character like Thoughtful Turtle comes to life – we know you’ll be happy with the result. And, ladies and gentlemen, here he is, our very own Thoughtful Turtle:

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