The story of storytelling

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Storytelling was and is everywhere.When writers refer to prehistoric times, they mean before history was recorded – on cave walls, on clay tablets or even on vases. But evidence suggests storytelling itself was part of prehistoric times. Identical symbols scratched into prehistoric tools found thousands of miles from each other indicate a shared communication about a particular concept.

Through the middle of the 20th century, social scientists believed that storytelling was the mechanism that humans used to explain the unknown and instruct and control the masses. But but as any ancient Greek could tell you, storytelling was also entertaining. And with strife and conflict as old as humankind, entertainment is often the distraction people need to keep on keepin’ on.

Some of the best storytellers understood the value of multitasking and they combined a lesson (or moral) within an entertaining tale. What came to be known as fables capitalized on children reaching both an age when they were considered morally responsible and where they had an extended attention span so they could pay attention all the way to the end of a story where the moral was introduced.

Sparkhead Kids is introducing the first chapter of their Campfire Tales, The Fable of Frog and Coyote on Oct 24. Our next blog will tell you all the fun details of not just the story, but also how it came about.

Very clever of us, isn’t it? We tell you just enough about our Campfire Tales to entice you and then leave you hanging. That, ladies and gentleman, is one of the greatest inventions of storytelling: The cliffhanger!

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