The perfect excuse for reading

Coyote and Frog chapter book by

Shorter days offer the perfect excuse for turning in early with a big pile of books. Maybe you’re snuggling with a little one and that pile includes Sparkhead Kids’ The Fable of Frog and Coyote. Maybe – after the aforementioned little one has drifted off to sleep – a different pile includes the latest thriller, a book club novel and an accumulation of magazines.

If you love reading and you’re kids love to be read to and/or also love to read, you’re on the road to success, according to many research studies. Children who love to read typically are successful in almost every academic endeavor. Even picture books with no words teach problem solving. If picture books transition to early readers and storybooks, math (particularly algebra) and science will be familiar concepts.

Also, if you love to read, it’s more likely (but not a slam dunk) that you’ll raise kids who love to read. Toddlers enjoy time spent with reading adults as well as the rhythm of a book being read out loud. The post-toddler era is where readers are made. An easy way to pave the way is to teach by example. Make time to read and offer explanations of why you love to read.

The next step is to encourage your little one to choose her books on her own at the library and bookstore. Even if your child chooses only books with read covers, don’t stand his way. Like all things with kids, pushing your own tastes on them never achieves the desired result. When it comes to creating happy readers, it’s best to stand back and let the reader blossom!

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