• annellie samuel headshot 1

    Annellie Samuel

    Co-founder , Head of Development

    While earning her Film Degree in Media Arts at Toronto’s Sheridan College, Annellie very quickly discovered her passion for the process of film editing in the working world. Her love for telling entertaining stories and bringing characters to life has spanned almost twenty years in the industry. Annellie has brought her talents to bear on […]

  • dmitri kostic headshot

    Dimitri Kostic

    Co-Founder, Head of Production

    Dimitri Kostic started drawing at the tender age of two, and by the time he reached high school was employed professionally as a freelance illustrator for several magazines and daily newspapers. At the age of 20, while pursuing his master’s degree in architecture, he illustrated several children’s books, which went on to win the prestigious awards […]

  • headshot Kat Kostic

    Kat Kostic

    PR and Communications Strategist

    Kat joined the Sparkhead team early on to assist with its launch by developing promotional copy, online PR and social media strategies. Her approach includes moderating the social media elements to foster interaction, engagement and discussion regarding the company’s brand and products, while fulfilling its mission. Kat is also currently part of the Communications and Public […]