Sleeping under a universe full of stars

Cloudy or clear, northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere – technically, we all sleep under the stars. With heavy cloud cover or bright city lights, we may not see those stars, but they’re still there, ready to offer navigation across wide seas or through miles of wilderness.

The night sky is a fathomless blue, but sometimes, without moonlight or twinkling stars, there’s not enough light to stimulate our cones (as in rods and cones) in our eyes, which are sensitive to colour. Then the sky seems black, which is not nearly as luxurious and inviting as its natural blue. A sky so endless and far away, but you can imagine how soft and velvety it might feel to be floating out there. And you’re not alone in your desire to be part of it all. Artists have tried to render the wonder of a night sky since small fires illuminated cave walls.

Sparkhead Kids’ newest design in the Campfire Tales collection is our Magnificent Stars comforter, curtains and two sizes of cushions featuring the true blue of a night sky and a universe full of stars with the constellations of Leo, Big Bear and Little Bear are included to guide little ones to dreamland, just as they guided early explorers to new lands. All products are comfy, lightweight and perfectly printed.

The Wonders of the Universe design easily crosses over to adult slumber, so now is your chance to find your way in your dreams with the help of an always clear night sky.

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