Product + Shipping

We are an artist run company and we make each order as they come in. We work with our Manufactures to produce very high quality print and cushions covers featuring our original designs. Made entirely in Canada using the latest digital technology. Our Manufactures can ship from Canada and from the US. This helps us to get you your order with a faster turn around and to avoid custom charges.

Turn around time to produce our products

Cushions                            3-5 days

Art prints                           2-4 days

Wood Prints                      2-4 days

Pencil cases                       5-10 days

Ship from both Canada and the USA
Sparkhedakids is located in Canada, but we ship from both Canada and the USA. This means that for most orders shipping to Canada and the USA will never encounter duties or customs fees. This is due to the fact that we handle all importing ourselves. As long as your order is below $800.00 value, there will never be any surprises with customs fees.

Orders to US customers generally take 2-6 business days once shipped within the USA.
Currently, US and international orders are shipped on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from within the USA.
All orders shipped domestically within the US will have a tracking number that can be tracked with USPS.

Orders for Canadian customers normally ship within 2-8 business days of the order is placed. Shipping to Eastern Provinces takes about 3-4 business days and shipping to Western provinces can take 4-7 business days.

International orders generally take 10-15 business days but may be delayed by the customs of your country
International orders may be subject to customs fees or duties of your country. Unfortunately, Sparkheadkids does not cover these fees so please contact us if you have concerns regarding your order. 
International orders will not have a tracking number due to the fact that they are untraceable once they leave the USA/Canada.

Return shipping address
Please contact us directly for return shipping at [email protected]

Things to know

Once your order has been shipped, it is in the care of the courier and / or postal service. We are not liable for any errors made by these services, but we are always happy to do everything in our power to work with you and the postal system to correct orders.

We work Monday to Friday and are closed on weekends and all Canadian holidays. All production and shipping times are in business days and do not include days that we closed. If you are concerned about fees related to your order, please contact us so we can go over options.

Shipping prices for a single item

Product                                             US                         Canada                   International

18″x18″ cushion                              $5:50                    $12:50                     $10:50

22″x22″ cushion                             $5:50                    $12:50                     $10:50

24″x12″ cushion                             $5:50                    $12:50                     $10:50

Pencil case                                      $3:50                     $3:50                      $5:00

Art print                                          $10:95                   $15:00                    $15:00

Wood Print                                     $10:95                   $15:00                   $15:00