Decor To Grow #SparkheadKids


This gentle loon cover is amazing! The contrasting colors between the bird and the background are beautiful. I bought this cover to serve as an accent in my family/playroom and it looks great. I’m really impressed with the high-quality craftsmanship. It really is a piece of art! Simply stunning!


I just couldn’t resist this cute beaver cushion cover for my son’s nature-themed room and his bedding. The beaver character is truly adorable and superbly painted. My son loves this cover so much that he’s asking for the Friendly Beaver print for one of his walls as well. This order was my first time buying from this company and I’m really pleased. I can’t wait to see some of their other items very soon!

My Savvy Review of the Sparkhead Kids Fluttering Hummingbird blue cushion cover #SparkheadKids

Melissa Cushing: Blue Humming Bird Cushion

I love this gorgeous and soft, comfy Hummingbird Pillow cover for sure! I am so impressed with the gorgeous selection of items available at Sparkhead Kids for sure…. as everything is extremely well made and functional for years to come! This pillow cover is being used over a fluffy down pillow and it looks fabulous! I am actually going to use it for a DIY project I am working on…. it is a sofa type bench that is super whimsical and cute and this will be the [erfect throw pillow to add that pop of color to the piece when completed. So… not only are Sparkhead Kids products great for decorating any “Kids” space that you have…. but the artistict pieces can be used in other ways to bring the whimsical out in your traditional decor as well. I am going to be ordering a few of the art prints to hang on the wall behind my sofa bench when the project is complete and it will be perfect to tie the theme together without being too obvious. I just love it and I am hooked!

AndreaCampfire Tales Activity book

Bright colours and cheerful illustrations adorn this contemporary Canadian-inspired activity book. My kids loved learning more about wild animals from Canada and the camping-themed pages brought back fun memories of our family’s own excursions. A perfect activity book for those rainy days when you want to bring the outdoors in!

Logan: Campfire Tales Activity book

My eight year old son Elliot has enjoyed this book a lot, especially the pages where you are encouraged to expand on a partial drawing or design, adding your own details. There is a wide variety of activities but I like that the focus is on imagination, and exploration of your own personal expression.
I’ll note that Elliot also brought it to his grade three teacher saying that he thought she’d really like it. She did.

Two marker stained thumbs up!

Liz: Peaceful Forest lumber cushion cover

These wonderful pillows are not only for children, but for the comfort of adults too! The pillow is soft, and very comfortable. It works as a center piece on my bed, and has a beautiful design.
In love with it!


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Carlos and Shane Garza: Book, The Tale of Coyote and Frog

It is a fantastic book, my son loves it every night asking me to read it and excited to hear how the Frog makes a challenge to Coyote, I love to see my son interacts with this book and makes you want to know more about the animals.

Carlos and Shane GarzaCoyote & Frog large yellow cushion cover

This is an excellent cushion, the design and the colors are vibrant. The photograph on the website does not lie what you see is what you get. High quality of the material and craftsmanship.


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Tracie: Coyote & Frog large yellow cushion cover

Wow – this cushion cover is amazing. Everything you see on the website is exactly what you get. The fabric is velvety and the image of Coyote and Frog is super detailed and brightly colored. Soft doesn’t even begin to describe the fabric and I can’t say enough about the design details on the cushion cover. You don’t usually get a combo of luxurious and vivid design, but that’s exactly what this is. The photo doesn’t do it justice. This is something you have to feel to believe! Shipping was quick to the U.S.

Tracie: Book, The Tale of Coyote and Frog

This is such a sweet and funny book! I love both the characters and the twist on the competition. I don’t want to spoil the story, but there are a couple of surprises that made me laugh. I adore the artwork, too. Each animal is drawn with so much personality and the colors are incredibly rich. That’s the highlight for me – Sparkhead Kids doesn’t skimp on design details, even in their chapter book.

Adrienne L (verified owner)Fiona in her magic garden cushion cover

I bought the Fiona cushion for my best friend’s daughter. It’s so much softer then I thought. I can’t wait to give it to her, I know she’s going to love it!

George A.Magnificent Stars duvet cover

This is an amazing product for kids room…My kids love all about Galaxy and Constellations and just enjoy slipping into their beds imagining that they are space cosmonauts…I am recommending Sparkhead to all parents…

kat Rosdin: Finoa & Majestic Rex the Rooster cushion cover

I got this pillow and “rex” pillow for my baby shower from a pal. I am doing the baby’s room in pink and these 2 pillows matched perfectly. I am very happy. I love the fairy tale design.

Liz Chase – Dazzling Forest in Moonlight duvet cover / curtains / cushions

I bought this set duvet curtains and 2 pillows, one stars and one dazzling forest for my 9 nine year old. Sparkhead kids got it right as my kid is very happy to snuggle up to his forest in his bedroom and talks non stop about the forest, nighttime and animals. My next buy is definitely going to be some of the animal cushions. Definitely coming back!

Liz Jones NBTrickster Coyote print / duvet / cushion

Hey Sparkhead Kids. I bought this print, pillow and duvet and was thrilled when it came to the door. I wanted it for myself but did give it to my daughter and she is so happy when she goes to bed now. We were having trouble with her sleeping in her own room and now this is where she is happy with her Trickster Coyote set to keep her company. Love you guys for how you understand kids and making it fun and safe for them to imagine adventures on there own.

Mike Platt – BCGolden Moose print

I bought this for myself as I just love the illustration. Sparkhead kids really do some lovely work. thanks

Julie Beatty vancouverFluttering Hummingbird print

I bought this illustration for myself. I could not help myself, I just love it. I was very happy indeed when I received it and will buy from Sparkhead again, soon!

Peter RowDazzling Nighttime Forest curtains / duvet

A pal passed on Sparkhead kids website to me as I have a 7 year old boy and we love the outdoors. I bought the forest in moon light curtains and bedspread and my son is so happy with his forest in his room. Great service and great designs!

Mary BHappy Bunny print

I really love the imagination that goes into the designs of Sparkhead Kids. This bunny print is just so happy and makes me smile and I have fun with it with my 5 year old daughter. The staff at Sparkhead Kids were very pleasant to talk to and answered all my questions. I will be back.

Ann WilderRascal Raccoon print

When i was looking for pillows and duvets for my kids interior decor,a colleague encourage me to try “Sparkhead Kids products”. The pillow and duvets come with raccoon prints that’s so specially designed and comforting also very soft to touch. My kids loved them and quite frankly am happy I listened to my a good friend’s advice.
Kudos to the management and surely a promise to come back for me is a must.

chris tFiona’s flowers curtain white

The product is fantastic and the curtains remarkable beautiful.The company delightful. Yum!!!

omohitoaFiona and her magic garden Pink Duvet cover

Beautiful! Very happy with the quality and the beautiful fiona garden duvet colors is just excellent.

Emily Patterson – Happy Bunny cushion cover

I bought the bunny cushion,they are beautiful and well made and should last for many years to come.
Great purchase and great price for this quality too.
Everyone should have one of these, they are simply the best !!!!!

George – TorontoHappy Bunny cushion cover

This is a must have if you have a child who adores bunnies. My son carries him to bed every night. Thanks to sparkhead kids for creating such lovely products.

JulieForest Friends curtains

I bought this for my teenage boy with a duvet cover and he loves it. Sparkhead kids are just great and the experience was terrific!