• Vincent, Raw cookbook for young chefs

    Vincent, Raw cookbook for young chefs!

    Vincent is a fun loving and whimsical rhino who also happens to be a skilled, world-class chef. Our culinary hero introduces each recipe with a short story on how he created this tasty treat and where he traveled to gather the ingredients. Vincent’s anecdotes will swoop the readers right into his world and inspire them to produce their own delicious masterpieces.

    Preparing raw food involves no cooking, which takes a lot of complication out of the equation. It’s impossible to ruin any of the recipes; instead, you can adapt them by combining wholesome, nutrient-dense elements together in various forms. It’s not even necessary to follow exact measurements – use your instincts and discover your own fresh creations. There are many terrific features of raw “uncooking” that make it perfect for children.

    Vincent’s raw cookbook for kids is easy to follow, fun, entertaining, and will spark the imagination!

    Currently in development

    Sparkhead Press