Let’s talk about snuggle quality

Snuggling is so amazingly, wonderfully, fabulously good for you! If you don’t believe me, maybe a few dozen scientific research studies about snuggling will convince you. Yes, somebody got paid to study snuggling. And what did these studies prove? That, among other things, snuggling releases the natural feel good hormone oxytocin, boosts your immune system, reduces stress and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Oh, and one more thing: snuggling defies definition. That’s right – there’s no right or wrong way to snuggle. Elephants snuggle by wrapping their trunks around each other. Groups of three or four dolphins swim close together and move in and out and over and under each other in their version of snuggling. Cats are famous, but often indiscriminate snugglers. They’ll snuggle with other cats, dogs, humans, even soft plush toys.

And human mamas and papas and little ones… well, there are as many versions of human cuddling as there are humans. Often a favorite blankie or other soft item is a child’s favorite snuggle accessory.

Sparkhead Kids loves a good snuggle. That’s why we made sure that our bedding and cushions have a high snuggle quality rating. No, scientists didn’t devise that. The artists at Sparkhead Kids and their own children determined whether our products were snuggle-worthy. A nap here, a story time session there. It wasn’t long before we knew what worked and what didn’t. Only the most snuggle-worthy materials made it into the items available to our customers, so purchase with confidence and snuggle away!

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