It’s time to get cozy and snuggle

bunny image

The last of autumn’s leaves are letting go and the chilly days ahead mean we’re pressing the pause button on many outdoor activities. But that’s o.k. Nature encourages us to catch our breath over the winter. The great outdoors wouldn’t be nearly as brilliant and cheerful without taking a long winter’s nap courtesy of Jack Frost and Mother Nature.

Many of the animal friends created by the artists at Sparkhead Kids power down over the winter. Which animals are the poster children for hibernation? Bears, of course. Sparkhead Kids’ own Emerald Bear may also look for a cozy place for seasonal slumber. He likes to get cozy as much as any of us do. Since humans usually sleep more soundly in colder temperatures so we have our own version of hibernation.

Other animals, like Golden Moose, Rascal Racoon, Friendly Beaver and Happy Bunny will grow a soft, fluffy undercoat that will keep them warm through the winter. We humans add overcoats, wooly sweaters and thick socks to keep ourselves warm enough to venture out during winter.

Hot beverages like cocoa and toddies, rich, thick soups and stews, and fresh baked breads warm us from the inside and make us appreciate the value of a colder season. We also add extra blankets to our beds and if there’s one thing we understand at Sparkhead Kids, it’s snuggling. We hope that when you’re cuddled close with a loved one, sipping on hot cocoa and watching the snow fall, you’re under one of our soft duvet covers that’s keeping you warm.

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