Here’s to imaginary friends, Forest Friends and the creativity that keeps everybody happy

Ah, the imaginary friend! Hiding in the laundry basket, laughing at naughtiness and the real culprit behind spilled juice. There are varying statistics that prove how common imaginary friends are, but in most cases, parents have nothing to worry about. It’s usually brighter, innovative children who introduce invisible companions like Mac, the mouse who wears a vest, or Courtney, the girl with curly hair, to their families.

Sparkhead New Media is rolling out a new line of characters – called Forest Friends – who are identified by an personality trait instead of a name (OK, OK – you talked us into telling you what we call at least one of the characters: Happy Rabbit). The Forest Friends aren’t invisible and we don’t consider them imaginary (fueled by imagination, yes; imaginary, no), but they will give your kids plenty of opportunity to develop creativity. A character like Happy Rabbit provides at least a couple details for a backstory, to be enhanced and embellished by your child.

As a small business, our approach is all about inspiring kids with fun and colorful designs that reflect our environment. The first seven of the eventual 20 Forest Friends is available in cushion case and print form. We’re also planning a series of short children’s books that showcase the Forest Friends’ adventures, on their own and with each other.

So ask any existing imaginary friends to scooch over and make room on your child’s bed for a new friend or two visiting from the forest!

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