Exciting news from Sparkhead Kids!

Coyote and Frog chapter book by sparkehadkids.com

You’d have to look pretty far to find two more entertaining characters than Sparkhead Kids’ Frog and Coyote. They’re each featured on their own cushion and – drumroll, please – they now star in the first of our new series of animal fable picture books!

The first book is (not surprisingly) called “The Fable of Frog and Coyote” and it tells how Frog outwits Coyote, which is not particularly easy to do. Coyote is known far and wide as a trickster. But Frog has a few tricks of his own up his… well, not sleeve, exactly. Let’s just say “The Fable of Frog and Coyote” has a lot of shenanigans to tickle you and your little ones’ funny bones. But don’t worry, there’s a lesson to be learned by the animals in each book and by your kids, too!

The Sparkhead Kids artists are thrilled to have completed work on their first book and are super excited to get busy on the next one: “The Fable of Bear and Moose.” They (the Sparkhead Kids artists, not Bear and Moose) have worked in animation for more than 20 years and they love storytelling. There’s nothing they enjoy more than creating stories for kids about loveable animals.

Our new chapter book series is based on animal fables and each includes a gentle moral that is perfect for youngsters’ developmental stages. Collect them all to introduce your kids to the world Campfire Tales and support your favorite artists at the same time!

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