Emerald Bear and Golden Moose standing by

We definitely don’t want to rush anything, but there’s a certain season, whose name shall not be mentioned here, on its way. That season features climatological phenomena like cold temperatures that can lead to frozen crystals falling from the sky.

During this unnamed season, some animals – like bears and moose – grow an extra thick coat that they’ll eventually slough off by rubbing against trees, fence posts and, occasionally, the rusty Chevy in your neighbor’s backyard.

With Sparkhead Kids’ Emerald Bear and Golden Moose cushion covers, your little ones can snuggle through any season with a Forest Friend who would love nothing more than to spend time indoors. Emerald Bear is shown rubbing his backside against a tree, maybe to remove some of that extra hair or maybe just because he has an itch. Golden Moose is knee deep in water, one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

We’re very excited about the fabric printing method for our super soft 100% polyester velveteen cushion covers. We use water based pigment inks that are both safe for the environment and children. So humans – and bears and moose, too – can snuggle to their hearts’ content with these cushions.

Summer is a season that very few people like to see end. But if you listen closely, you’ll hear an almost inaudible sigh of relief as our bodies and minds greet the natural deceleration that follows summer’s transition to autumn. Nature is entering her reboot time and Emerald Bear and Golden Moose are ready to assist your little ones (and you) with well-deserved quiet time.

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