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  • Freezer Fudge Bites by Chef Vincent D’Rhino

    no bake 420 x 420

    Today Chef Vincent is presenting his Freezer Fudge Bites! Easy to make and easy to eat! These delicious creamy bites of nutritional goodness are going to be lots of fun for your kids to put together. Enjoy!      

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  • Chef Vincent’s vegan Neapolitan Ice Cream

    Chef Vincent recipe ice cream by sparkheadkids.com

    Chef Vincent’s (100% FAT-FREE!) RAW VEGAN NEAPOLITAN ICE CREAM Summer is coming and Chef Vincent is in the kitchen creating fun and healthy summer treats. His raw Neapolitan ice cream is going to wow you and your kids, for sure. This is so tasty that you might start eating it for breakfast or put it into […]

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  • Chef Vincent’s raw Coconut Snowball’s

    Vincent D'Rhino by sparkheadkids.com

     Chef Vincent has been busy again! Creating the very best healthy coconut snowball. Yummy! He has chosen a selection of nutritious ingredients for these dense, slow, energy releasing balls. So not only will your kids want more, these snowballs will keep them going in a Vincent D’Rhino healthier way. Try them out and come back […]

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  • Chef Vincent’s No Bake Easter Fun for Kids

    Chef Vincent D'Rhino's No Bake Easter Fun for Kids by Sparkhead Kids


    Chef Vincent is very busy getting ready for Easter. Of course he loves planning his menu, after all, he is a chef.

    This year Chef Vincent found some wonderful no bake Easter ideas and he wants to share them with you! You will just need some chocolate chips, chow mein noodles and mini chocolate eggs! Sound interesting? Click below!

    Now let’s get cracking and let’s make this Easter eggstra special!

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