“Le Chateau des Etolies”


“Le Chateau des Etolies”

We were in Montreal browsing the bookstore “Debede” and came across this gorgeous graphic novel by Alex Alice and published by “Rue de Sevres”.


What first caught our eye was the unusual newspaper print format.


As soon as we came back to our apartment we opened up our laptops and went into research mode.

“Le Châteaux des Etoiles” written and illustrated by Alex Alice had its debut in February 2014 at Angouleme Festival – Belgium. Alex Alice is already known for his previous work on “Siegfried” and “The Third Testament” published by Dargaud.

“le Chateau des Etoiles” is a science fiction adventure story told in french which takes place in 1869 in Bavaria where our hero 16 year old Seraphin Dulac spends the summer with this father. The story is told in 3 parts.

To us we were captivated by the beautiful water-colour illustrations and cinematic way of presenting the story.


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Check it out! Le Chateau des Etoiles

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