Backing up My WordPress Site

I was having some issues with my breadcrumb links on my site and found out that this issue was fixed in a later version of WordPress and what I needed to do was to update my WordPress site. As I am new to WordPress, I thought I had better double check regarding what to expect with doing an update. I’m so glad that I did because when you update WordPress, you must have your site backed up in case the updated version is not compatible with plug ins or programming of your version hence you can come across other issues and the only way back is to restore your site from your backup. Makes sense and also based on what I was reading, it appears that this does happen! And further more the best way to back up your site is to do three different types of backups…wowzer! Okay, so now, I’m paying attention to how many backups, where and what I do. So this morning, my main job for the day was to get my site backed up and to update and resolve my original issue. WordPress is relatively easy, so I was reading up on backing up when I came across a company called BlogVault ( The service they provide is simple and marvelous. BlogVault is a backup service that enables you to backup, restore, migrate or download your WordPress sites. It performs daily automatic backups and real-time backups of your entire WordPress data, including themes, plugins, images, posts, comments, etc. How does it work? BlogVault includes a plugin that must be installed on all the WordPress sites that you want to be backed up. Once this is done, their server automatically contacts the plugin every day for new changes to your site. It stores multiple backups on its own as well as Amazon S3 servers. BlogVault maintains up to 30 days of backup, enabling you to revert back to any older version easily. It provides excellent tools that help you recover you site whenever needed.

As a newbie to the world of WordPress, websites and running an online shop, I thought that for the small fee required, this was worth peace of mind and went ahead and used this company. Once my site was backed up, I did a test restore, and everything went smoothly. Then, I went and updated my WordPress version. To my utter surprise, the update did indeed have issues, and my site was missing the sidebar and my product images were smaller and not aligned. So I got hold of BlogVault, and within 30 minutes, I had my original site back up and running! I am grateful for these companies I am finding that provide such important services for those of us who do not have a tech background or a tech department, and the price of the service is so very affordable. Now, I feel safe knowing that my site is backed up and it is also not another detail that I need to remember to do as it is out of my hands and in the hands of BlogVault and I can move ahead with finding out why the update did not work and fixing the issue.


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