A preschooler’s take on colour theory

For a child, there is no such thing as too much colour. Even without the scientific research to back that statement up (and such research does exist), colour is so vital in a child’s development, that even as adults we can remember favorite colors from childhood. Quick, which colour gumball was your favorite?

Now, back to science. According to a University of Oregon study, children under the age of five are calmer and more secure in the presence of one bold colour, such as one boldly coloured wall in a preschool classroom or a bedroom. A jumble of colours has the opposite effect – and not just on children!

One way to provide the colour your child craves without creating a jarring environment throughout your entire home is to create a colour utopia in your child’s bedroom. And here’s where Sparkhead Kids can help!

Even without research studies, the artists at Sparkhead Kids know about little ones’ attraction to colour. Even though we have practical experience as parents, the real reason is that we’re also kids at heart. That’s probably why we became artists – where else can you play with so much colour?

We also take colour seriously, combining intense hues with handcrafted images to create the perfect bedding, curtains, cushion covers and lampshades for your little ones’ bedroom. And, for a preschooler, perfect almost always includes colour. If a boldly colored wall is more of a design commitment than you want to make, don’t worry, we’ve got you (and your child’s bed, window, cushions and lamp) covered!

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