A letter from Sparkhead kids for February 2016

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We’re wrapping up Valentine’s Day and Family Day celebrations here at Sparkhead Kids. This year for Valentine’s Day Dimitri and I visited Yasu on Harbord Street in Toronto. Yasu is a high end sushi restaurant that seats only 12 guests at a time. Its a very cool experience as you are watching two master chefs practice their craft in front of you. Only one piece of sushi is served at a time and you can savour each flavourful bite. There is something incredibly peaceful about watching culinary experts at work – almost like a meditation. The atmosphere inspires you to talk about love and relationships. For Family Day we met up with the kids for the day and went for a long walk, shared a meal, chatted and relished much laughter. Love for family was in the air!

One of our Sparkies designers, Jessica Bartram, had her own show of her installation world “The Rise and Fall of Cordycepts“, the exhibition ran from Jan 21 to 24 and was at Toronto’s Historic Gladstone Hotel and was set up in one of the hotel rooms. In this room Jessica exhibited her post-apocalyptic future that features a biotech company that sets out to do good in 2025 but ends up destroying the world, with a company collapse by 2074. The sci-fi world is complete with a full-length book (that Jessica wrote and designed for the project!), company annual reports, marketing evidence and artifacts from the era, and an interdisciplinary installation that’ll make you feel like you just read Brave New World within the space of an art gallery.

We are excited to announce our very first activity book. Now your little one can be part of the Sparkhead Kids creative team with our new Campfire tales Activity Book. Just add coloured pencils, crayons or markers and your child can enter the world of Campfire Tails, adding his or her own touch to each page. This high-quality keepsake activity book offers varying levels of engaging projects so it’s perfect for parent and child quality time.
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Just in time for the first buds of spring, our latest design theme is Forest Foliage leaves. Our inspiration is the rich palette of colours that are on display through most of the year in the amazing North American Forests. You can choose a background of calming forest green or rejuvenating summer gold and let the flurry of colourful leaves that adorns each item energize and excite your little one (or you!)


Sparkhead Animation is working on “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” the fourth of 10 nursery rhymes for BGM Music in the UK. We have completed the designs for this one and are now busy working on the animation. This version of the rhyme calls for a crocodile. In the real world, crocodiles aren’t known for their cuteness, but in this animated world they quickly became not only our favourite, but everyone’s favourite. What do you think? We are very fond of this project and excited to be part of it.

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Have a great couple of weeks!


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