• Testimonials

    • I came across Sparkhead Kids in a search for finding good quality kids bedding for my kids room. I was looking for a universe pattern. My kids love everything about Galaxy and Constellations and just enjoy slipping into their beds imagining that they are space cosmonauts…I bought duvet and pillow and am very happy with the quality of the product. Its very soft and the colours are stunning. I am recommending Sparkhead to all parents…

      George Antit
    • Hey Sparkhead Kids. I bought this print, pillow and duvet and was thrilled when it came to the door. I wanted it for myself but did give it to my daughter and she is so happy when she goes to bed now. We were having trouble with her sleeping in her own room and now this is where she is happy with her Trickster Coyote set to keep her company. Love you guys for how you understand kids and making it fun and safe for them to imagine adventures on there own.

      Liz Jones
    • Wow!!!!
      When i was looking for pillows and duvets for my kids interior decor,a colleague encourage me to try “Sparkhead Kids products”. The pillow and duvets come with raccoon prints that’s so specially designed and comforting also very soft to touch. My kids loved them and quite frankly am happy I listened to my a good friend’s advice.
      Kudos to the management and surely a promise to come back for me is a must.

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